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My Retail Jungle is an online platform for retail experts.

Retail shops have a real advantage. People love interaction, they love to touch, feel and select personally things. They love feel unique, special & demand personalised service. On the other hand, commercial websites are open 24/7 and allow people to shop at their convenience – anytime, anywhere.

MRJ is the online platform for retailers by retailers, the main aim is to simplify all the steps you have to make to establish online & offline presence for your retail business.

We are obsessed with providing excellent client-oriented service and will go extra mile to keep you satisfied with our service.

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As the retail industry continues to evolve, retailers who want to be competitive & thrive in the coming years need to be more forward-thinking and have a professional and appealing website.

The solid background in website development combined with the thorough understanding of the needs of the retail business allows us to build commercial websites with simple, but efficientstructure.

Websites that drive conversion, sales & increase your profitability.

That’s why we provide a wide range of Web Development services for your website, web shop and more!


Staying competitive in a fast changing retail industry is a challenge few are able to tackle efficiently. 

The art of selling has never been more important than now. Yet most of sales people use outdated sales techniques. 

Customer loyalty, ultimate shopping experience has to be created in highly creative ways in order to trade products for money. 

We help retailers find their competitive edge through fine tuning their sales process & equip their sales team with ultimate sales technique to win their customers.

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